Here you will find some news (add new ones on top) and a up-to-date change log.

2007-03-19 Moving to Trac

We are getting rid of the old !DokuWiki install.
The wiki pages will be moved to the trac system.

2005-12-13 K750i support

Got me an early xmas present, a K750i.
See the K750i page for more (e.g. multisync).

My trusty S65 has been decomissioned now. Unless Siemens people step in and support me with recent hardware all Siemens support will be discontinued. I’m a Sony-Ericsson guy now…

2005-12-05 New name scheme

The next release of obexftp comes with a simpler name scheme. The third number will be removed (0.10.x –> 0.1x).

The simpler scheme will make up for the trouble of change, hopefully. At least version changes will be more visible, then.

2005-08-08 : Converted the OpenOBEX site to a wiki

The OpenOBEX site is now presented as a Wiki. There are just so many interesting things about OpenOBEX people might want to know and write about.

2003-07-18 : A new XML CMS for the OpenOBEX site

The OpenOBEX site is now backed by a small XML CMS. Hopefully this will enable me to update this site more often.