OpenOBEX on Win32

The question wether/how OpenOBEX compiles/runs on win32 pops up now and then. Here is a general overview and a short checklist.

Please note: There is a complete prebuilt win32 package available. See Downloads

Does OpenOBEX compile on win32?

Yes. It has been tested with various native compilers and MinGW32 as cross-compiler. For a quick guide see the steps below.

The following compile environment for Windows (32bit) are at your options:

The proper Makefiles and Visual Studion project can be created with the not-yet-available
CMake support. With the current autotools, only the last two are supported.

Does OpenOBEX run on win32? Is it useable?

OpenOBEX requires backends for each transport. Your options include:

Quick guide to compile OpenOBEX native on win32