Status on Samsung devices

Samsung SGH-E215L – working

Just configure your phone properly:

* Setup all the files you want to download to be "visible through bluetooth" _'in your phone'_!
* Disable "secure mode" _'in your phone'_, if you have trouble with pin. Afterwards you can enable it, if you wish :P

To configure pairing:

* #obexftpd -b

Your computer will be waiting for bluetooth connections, then begin sending a photo from your phone to your pc or laptop. And it’s donne!
Now you can browse your phone, if you wish with obexftp or just keep sending files through obexftpd as before. Of course, you must have setup hcid.conf with your pin(passkey).

Samsung D500 – working

Examples: obexftp -b 00:11:22:33:44:55 -l images/

This goes for almost every bluetooth enabled Samsung phone, so you’re bound to see the same comment everywhere.

Samsung D900 – working

Samsung E530 – working

Examples: obexftp -b 00:11:22:33:44:55 -l Images/

Samsung E720 – working?

Someone reported the SGH-E720 working.

Samsung E720i – working

The E720i is working fine, but there are some uncommmon things:

Samsung E730 – working

Samsung X700 – working

Samsung E900 – working