Supported Phones: Nokia

Nokia 3200

Works with OpenOBEX 1.3.

Java applications are stored in /predefjava, in particular in /predefjava/games and /predefjava/applications.
The folder /predefjava is hidded, so it in not shown by obexftp -l /. The folder can be listed still (obexftp -l /predefjava).
Every application has its own directory, which contains both the .jad and the .jar file.
To upload a new application to the phone, create a directory and place there both the .jad and .jar file (e.g., obexftp -c /predefjava/applications -C newapp -p newapp.jad -p newapp.jar)

Nokia 3220

Works on Gentoo with OpenOBEX 1.2.

Works fine with obextool-0.33 for downloading photos and uploading music saved on flash card.

Nokia 5140

Works with openobex-1.2 & ObexFTP-0.19 (IrDA)

Nokia 6020

Works with openobex-1.2 & ObexFTP-0.19 & ObexFS

Nokia 6021

Works with ObexFTP-0.19. With my laptop infrared:

Nokia 6101

Works fine with ObexFTP on Debian Sarge.

irattach irda0 -s
obexftp -i -l

In Ubuntu Dapper I need to change the max_baud_rate

echo 115200 > /proc/sys/net/irda/max_baud_rate

Also I modify /etc/init.d/irda-utils because don’t work fine in my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200 with Ubuntu

If you want use obextools tou need to modify and put this wrapper command:

obexftp -i "$@" 2>&1

Nokia 6102

It’s been reported that the Nokia 6102 is working with ObexFTP.

Nokia 6124c (also 6120c, 6121c)

Works with openobex-1.3 & obexftp-0.19 & obexfs-0.10.

Nokia 6125

Works with OpenOBEX 1.3.

Nokia 6230

Works with openobex-1.2 & ObexFTP-0.19.

Nokia 6230i

I’ve had success with reading the Images directory and plug in memory card.

I found that to get files with spaces in their name enclosing the file name thus
‘File’ worked.

Works with both openobex-1.0.1/obexftp-0.18 as well as openobex-1.1/obexftp-0.19 as shipped with RPMforge for Red Hat.Fedora.

Nokia 6233

Works with ObexFTP 0.10.8 over IrDA.
Works also with bluetooth out of the box.
Works also with USB over Nokia’s USB Cable CA-53.

Note: It was reported that downloading large files from the phone via bluetooth might power off the phone. An upgrade of the phone’s firmare from V 03.70 to V 04.91 didn’t help.

Nokia 6235

Works with ObexFTP 0.19 over USB DKU-2 Cable. It uses the /dev/ttyACM0 connection. Have some problems with the non-english characters and blank spaces (e.g. “Música”,”My Pictures”)

Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630 works with ObexFTP using bluetooth channel 12 (command line option: -B 12 ).
Work with DKU-2 USB cable.

The filename need the “”

Nokia 6670

Nokia 6670 works fine over Bluetooth.
Just like the 6630, you need channel 12
Obexfs works with channel 12

The DKU-2 USB cable works too.

Nokia 6680

Nokia 6680 works with OpenOBEX and it’s been tested with ObexFTP 0.18 (because the patch I found was written for this version) over the USB protocol.
Also Obextool is working fine.

Nokia 9300

Nokia 9300 works good with OpenOBEX(1.3) and ObexFS(0.10 - but this can’t create directories on my cell phone – files are ok) on USB ([ObexFTP|ObexFS] -u 2 …).
IrDA and BT untested.

Nokia E61

Nokia E61 works out of the box with OpenOBEX-1.2 and ObexFTP-0.20. Tested with USB connection only.

Nokia N70

Nokia N70 works out of the box with OpenOBEX-1.2 and ObexFTP-0.19. Tested with USB connection only.

Nokia N72

Works out-of-the box with ObexFTP-0.22 on Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10). Tested with USB connection only.

Nokia N73

Works flawlessly with OpenOBEX-1.3 and ObexFTP-0.21 using the bluetooth connection

Nokia N80

Works with OpenOBEX-1.2 and ObexFTP-0.19 over USB, having selected the ‘PC Suite’ transfer mode in the phone.

Nokia N82

Work out of the box with OpenOBEX-1.5-2 and ObexFTP-0.23-1+b1 over bluetooth on Debian Squeeze (Lenovo T61).

Nokia N97 mini

Work out of the box with OpenOBEX-1.5-2 and ObexFTP-0.23-1+b1 over bluetooth on Debian Squeeze (Lenovo T61).

Nokia C5-00

Work out of the box with OpenOBEX-1.5-2 and ObexFTP-0.23-1 over USB on Ubuntu 10.04.