ObexFTP technical bits

Apart from the simple CLI the ObexFTP core is a bundle of three libraries:


The components of this project are


My Siemens S45

In November 2001 I bought my first Siemens S45. Sadly there was no way to access the “Flex.Memory” directly with linux.


I piped a S45 data explorer (windows) session through sersniff.

The log looks roughly like OBEX over cable.


In fact old Open OBEX is working with S45. Its test apps are limited to file get/put actions though. I needed a way to retrieve directory listings, memory usage and so on.

This is where ObexFTP origins from (the small IrCP tool).

There are some changes required if you want to try old Open OBEX. See my gsmlib directory for patches and logs.


Using the serial cable is a quite different story. There is a Siemens specific data encapsulation protocol called BFB involved.
Cutting the long story short, I had a thorough look at the binary data and deciphered the packet format.

Hence a small subset of the BFB protocol is available by means of my libbfb.