Multi-Cable-OBEX library

OBEX Custom Transport – ObexFTP over serial lines

Enable OpenOBEX to utilize vendor specific serial connections.

It is possible to access your phone or general mobile device
using a serial line. However there is no common protocol used by
different manufactures. Therefor each brand of devices needs a
custom transport library.

There are currently five different modes implemented in this library:

BFB Cable Obex

This custom transport library supports many Siemens Mobile Equipment.
Namely the C25/S25, C35/S35, C45/S45/ME45/S45i, C55/S55/ME55 series phones.

Its named like the Siemens protocol its based on – BFB.
Since there is a newer version called BFC this one may actually be BF rev.B. I can’t imagine what the acronym stands for though.

The OBEX session is wrapped in custom binary packets, the setup is done with “AT!^SBFB=1”.


This is a custom transport for Sony-Ericsson phones.
It is tested with T39m and most newer phones and was ported from an old R320 driver.

There are custom init (“AT*EOBEX”) and tear-down commands only. The session itself is plain OBEX.

Newer SIEMENS (plain protocol, BFC) Cable Obex

More recent Siemens phones support a plain OBEX session over serial cables. This is part of the BFC protocol.

The custom init command is “AT!^SBFB=3”.


This is an implementation with custom init (“AT+MODE=22”) and tear-down strings for Motorola brand mobiles.

GENERIC Cable Obex

This implementation supports all devices which use serial connections conforming to the OBEX recommendations.

The session is plain OBEX and the init command is “AT+CPROT=0”.