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OBEX Services / UUID

Different Obex services inside a device are addressed via a so-called UUID. The UUID selects which component inside the device is supposed to handle the particular request. It is like the server address in some HTTP URL - only that the UUID is only a 16 byte number. Several standardised UUIDs, and thus services, exist for OBEX. For easier reference, these UUIDs also got names. In case of the sync UUID, the 16 byte UUID is actually the ASCII codes of the characters 'IRMC-SYNC'. For others, like the FBS UUID, it is just some number.


ObexFTP main and default service, File Transfer Profile. Uses the Folder Browsing Service UUID.


OBEX without connection and UUID.

GOEP (Generic Object Exchange Profile)

OBEX without UUID.


Useful to access the Telecom/IrMC objects. Uses the Telecom/IrMC Service UUID, "IRMC-SYNC".

List of interesting IrMC objects

telecom/devinfo.txtInformation hardwareGET
telecom/rtc.txtThe Real Time ClockGETPUT
telecom/pb.vcfLevel 2 accessGETPUT
telecom/pb/luid/.vcfAdd new entry PUT
telecom/pb/0.vcfOwn business cardGETPUT
telecom/pb/###.vcfLevel 3 static index accessGETPUT
telecom/pb/luid/*.vcfLevel 4 unique index accessGETPUT
telecom/pb/info.logSupported properties and memory infoGET
telecom/pb/luid/###.logChange logGET
telecom/pb/luid/cc.logChange counterGET
telecom/cal.vcsCalendar Level 2 accessGETPUT
telecom/cal/luid/.vcsAdd new entry PUT
telecom/cal/###.vcsLevel 3 static index accessGETPUT
telecom/cal/luid/*.vcsLevel 4 unique index accessGETPUT
telecom/cal/info.logSupported properties and memory infoGET
telecom/cal/luid/###.logChange logGET
telecom/cal/luid/cc.logChange counterGET
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