My K750i

This page is an unofficial list of my hacking with a SE K750i.
For other Sony-Ericsson phones see SupportedPhonesSonyEricsson.


ObexFTP and ObexFS work out of the box. If you want to retrieve “telecom/“ objects, like the “telecom/devinfo.txt” you need the current obexftp-0.18_beta2.
That way you can give the UUID (synch - the telecom sync service, which is the service which can deliver the desired objects, see Services) and suppress setpaths:

obexftp -U synch -S -g telecom/devinfo.txt

Or you can make a quick backup copy of the whole phonebook and calendar

obexftp -U synch -S -g telecom/cal.vcs
obexftp -U synch -S -g telecom/pb.vcf


Multisync (I use 0.83_pre20050414 with gentoo)
won’t work with (at least) the SE K750i.
The reason is that obex connection headers aren’t used by multisync but required by the phone.

On connect multisync needs to store the connection id and include it with every subsequent obex request.

I don’t know if the multisync people discovered this bug/requirement
already. Here is a patch against current versions (cvs and 20050414 snapshot).

The patch just ports the connection id functionality from ObexFTP to Multisync.
You may need to delete and re-enter the synchronization pair if you failed to sync previously. The “calchangecounter” in “.multisync/?/localirmc” is set to an illegal value of “-1” then. Maybe you can just edit the file, YMMV.

This will add the missing connection id functionality only. I had not much luck with evolution and the synchronization itself has problems still.