ObexFTP F.A.Q.

The phone prompts for a PIN, how can i enter this with obexftp?

It’s bluetooth related, nothing to do with openobex.

If you initiate the connection from the phone (adding the device on phone) edit /etc/bluetooth/pin. If you want to pair from the PC, you need a PIN helper. You can use ones provided for KDE/Gnome and if that is not possible check:
Blue PIN Helper

My bluetooth phone connected once with ObexFTP but no more now.

This isn’t obex related (e.g. try rfcomm).

There seems to be no easy way to fix it (restarting bluez, reloading the modules, replugin the bt dongle). Two ways work though: using another bt dongle or wiping the linkkey cache (/var/lib/bluetooth for hcid). Kill the link entry on the phone too and power-cycle it, just to be sure.

Using ObexFTP left me with all folders and their contents gone.

Don’t worry.

Sometimes the phone gets confused. Just power-cycle it and
everything should be there again.

Is it possible for the provider to read my flexmem?


Roman Kraszewski programmed his phones micro controller to do so.
Your provider might do so likewise. Generally the controller can access
the phone like your desktop software can. There are memory limits though.

Is there more info on the BFB protocol than your docs?

None that I know of.

I’m always keen on completing my picture on BFB.
Please send me all your “strange” logs.

Is there a way to read out the information on my current location?

Yes. It’s done with unsolicited messages.

You first need to prepare your communications to expect unsolicited
messages and then enable unsolicited messages (AT+CNMI). You can then
subscribe to some cell broadcast channels (AT+CSCB). When you recieve such
a broadcast via an unsolicited message you can easily decode the payload.

The GPRS_AT_CommandSet.pdf lists the messages to be expected in section
2.4.3 on page 96. The commands involved are described in section 2.3.9.
“GSM 07.05 for SMS” page 60pp.

I would like to archive both my pictures and SMS.

To do daily SMS backups I recommend gsmlib.

gsmsmsstore --source /dev/mobilephone --baudrate 57600
            --store SM --backup --destination $HOME/my.sms

and for your phonebook

gsmpb --source /dev/mobilephone --baudrate 57600
      --phonebook SM --destination $HOME/sm.pb

To backup your pictures and alike you need ObexFTP.

How can I listen to the voice memo (.vmo) files?

There is a converter available. It’s called VMOconv

The voice memo files are plain gsm coded audio with just some
strange padding added.

OpenOBEX apps fail to compile with errors: “parse error before string constant”

This is due to syntax change with GCC 3.4.x.

You need to update to OpenOBEX 1.1 or newer, where the applications are already included. Use

./configure --enable-apps

to build them.

What is a OBEX UUID, and what is it good for?

See Services.