obex_ctrans_t Struct Reference

#include <obex_const.h>

Data Fields

int(* connect )(obex_t *handle, void *customdata)
int(* disconnect )(obex_t *handle, void *customdata)
int(* listen )(obex_t *handle, void *customdata)
int(* write )(obex_t *handle, void *customdata, uint8_t *buf, int buflen)
int(* handleinput )(obex_t *handle, void *customdata, int timeout)
void * customdata

Field Documentation

int(* obex_ctrans_t::connect)(obex_t *handle, void *customdata)

int(* obex_ctrans_t::disconnect)(obex_t *handle, void *customdata)

int(* obex_ctrans_t::listen)(obex_t *handle, void *customdata)

int(* obex_ctrans_t::write)(obex_t *handle, void *customdata, uint8_t *buf, int buflen)

int(* obex_ctrans_t::handleinput)(obex_t *handle, void *customdata, int timeout)

void* obex_ctrans_t::customdata

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