obexftp_client_t Struct Reference

#include <client.h>

Data Fields

obex_t * obexhandle
uint32_t connection_id
obex_ctrans_t * ctrans
int transport
int finished
int success
int obex_rsp
int mutex
int quirks
obexftp_info_cb_t infocb
void * infocb_data
int fd
uint8_t * stream_chunk
uint32_t out_size
uint32_t out_pos
const uint8_t * out_data
char * target_fn
uint32_t buf_size
uint8_t * buf_data
uint32_t apparam_info
int cache_timeout
int cache_maxsize

Field Documentation

obex_t* obexftp_client_t::obexhandle

uint32_t obexftp_client_t::connection_id

obex_ctrans_t* obexftp_client_t::ctrans

int obexftp_client_t::transport

int obexftp_client_t::finished

int obexftp_client_t::success

int obexftp_client_t::obex_rsp

int obexftp_client_t::mutex

int obexftp_client_t::quirks

obexftp_info_cb_t obexftp_client_t::infocb

void* obexftp_client_t::infocb_data

int obexftp_client_t::fd

uint8_t* obexftp_client_t::stream_chunk

uint32_t obexftp_client_t::out_size

uint32_t obexftp_client_t::out_pos

const uint8_t* obexftp_client_t::out_data

char* obexftp_client_t::target_fn

uint32_t obexftp_client_t::buf_size

uint8_t* obexftp_client_t::buf_data

uint32_t obexftp_client_t::apparam_info

cache_object_t* obexftp_client_t::cache

int obexftp_client_t::cache_timeout

int obexftp_client_t::cache_maxsize

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