No reply?

I’m connected, i switch in binary data mode (with at^sbfb=1) and send some BFB data, and then nothing happens, no answer, what’s wrong ?

If something goes wrong there won’t be an answer.

may i change bauds-rate or something in this mode ?

You may do that, but I discourage you from doing it. It’s complicated.

Send <01><10><0B><C0>115200<0D><D2><2B>

Answer is <01><0A><0B><CC>115200<0D><D2><2B>

the phone must give an answer for each frames, not ?

Try the init frames.

It’s <02><01><03><14> the answer should always be <02><02><00><14>

how to switch back the phone in “AT” mode ?

There is a cancel sequence.

Send <06><0A><0C>at^sqwe=2<CR>

answer is <06><06><00><CR><LF>OK<CR><LF>