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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#1 Add Iconv support new somebody enhancement major
#2 invalid libusb check fix reopened somebody defect major
#4 OBEX_CharToUnicode does not handle characters outside of US-ASCII correctly assigned zany enhancement major
#13 No way to connect to a particular known USB device new somebody defect major
#19 zero-length arrays are not defined by standard C assigned zany defect major
#20 __FUNCTION__ isn't a general macro, it isn't defined by Sun C compilor assigned zany defect major
#21 OBEX_EV_REQDONE 'mode' parameter problem new somebody defect major
#22 obexftp strange behaviour with nokia 6230i new somebody defect major
#23 Fake unicode support in OBEX_UnicodeToChar and OBEX_CharToUnicode new somebody defect major
#24 Bad timestamp processing in obexftp assigned zany enhancement major
#25 Obexfs doesn't convert special XML symbols assigned zany defect major
#26 when folder's name contains non-ascii chars, cannot load dir's contents new somebody defect major
#43 Change to top dir on connect (maybe as option) new zany enhancement major
#44 exception in win-obexftp new zany defect major
#45 obexftp -u returns no OBEX interfaces for Nokia handset assigned zany defect major
#48 Response with a CONTINUE status in last packet is not properly handled. new somebody defect major
#49 Fails to build with Ruby 1.9.3 assigned zany defect major
#50 Perl bindings installed in wrong directory, obexftp-0.24 new somebody defect major
#52 Directory listing doesn't update if content changes on the remote side new somebody defect major
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